Groundwater related topics can be summarized under the term Hydrogeology. Groundwater is found everywhere in the subsurface and it causes a wide range of challenges and requests for advice. During engineering practises, dewatering of groundwater frequently needed before building activities can start. During dewatering of building sites, associated risks can evolve such as subsidence and attracting contaminants. Hydrogeology also concerns questions regarding flooding, subsurface energy and groundwater remediation.

CRUX provides consultancy in the field of Hydrogeology for:

  • Pumping systems, with the entire process from permit application/EIA to execution management and monitoring
  • Model studies for spreading of groundwater contaminations and for groundwater remediation, using Mt3d/Rt3d
  • Statistical analysis of groundwater levels and fluctuations, both time-series and spatial analysis
  • Studies of hydrogeological effects on surrounding areas.
  • Subsurface energy systems (e.g. ATES)
  • Preparing and implementing monitoring plans
  • 24/7 real-time groundwater monitoring as well as pumping tests

For groundwater computations, CRUX uses many groundwater model codes. We have extensive experience with Modflow/iMod and Mt3d.

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